United Taekwondo Center conducts in-school tournaments. These championships mark special occasions that occur only twice a year. By participating in tournaments, students will gain competing experience and skills which are necessary for their growth. Pressure from the bright lights, the loud screaming of parents and bystanders, tough judges, and ferocious eyes of fierce competitors, help students to learn what it means to become a genuine competitor. Students are required to compete in a minimum of five tournaments before they are eligible to become a black belt. Through these events, we are able to meet our friends, family, instructors, and masters within our organization.

Students are able to showcase their skills and talents that they worked so hard to sharpen throughout the year. We encourage all parents to not only support their children and friends, but also cheer for other students they do not know as well.

There are three different events in each competition: Form, Breaking, and Sparring. Each division is separated by age and belt level so that all students can be appropriately placed. All participants will be rewarded medals based on the results of their respective divisions. Although we also do attend various state, regional, national, and even international championships, we do ask our students to first qualify for our semi-annual tournaments first.